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Looking For…

Looking For…

It’s been years and quite some time even after my last post, but I just remembered John and Sarah. I met them while staying at the hotel years ago and had a very good connection for those few short days. It being before the age of Internet and emails, we had all exchanged addresses and did exchange letters a few times. But after a few moves, I seem to have lost touch with them both.

John, Sarah, if you two ever find this blog, please get in touch with me.

Fingers crossed!

Beer bottle neck politics!

If I Could…

If I Could…

I remember my room at the hotel with a lot of nostalgia and fond memories. However, if I were to see it today, I will have to admit that it was on the slightly (or a bit more) on the outdated side. For that reason, I had wondered on and off how I would renovate the place if I were in charge and had the cash to do so.

The first that came to my mind was the flooring. You just can’t go wrong with hardwood for a place like this. But the fact was that the flooring there was the perfect fit with its aged look and a new flooring would just look so out of place. So this effectively ruled out my first item. The only thing might be to replace the carpets with newer and slightly brighter ones.

The next item is the bathroom. Being England, there wasn’t much room when compared to some of the other places I have had the fortune of visiting. Of course, not only is space a precious commodity, it’s not even the main point of a hotel like this. So with that in mind, I wanted to look for solutions that would maximize the bathroom and the luxurious feeling without sacrificing too much space both physically and visually.

This led to a rather obvious conclusion of a stand-up glass shower enclosures. I looked at quite a few on and off over the years, but I really like the look of those from Very clean and sleek. They let plenty of light in and the frameless look is just very luxurious. On the practical side, it would be a lot easier to clean and maintain. I can’t help it. Having played the role of a housewife for a couple of decades will do that to a woman.

Paint flashed through my mind, but I dismissed it just as quickly. The plaster walls look great and give the place that aged look. But perhaps some of the rooms could use nice wallpapers for that added look of comfort and warmth. I love the first two wallpapers from here.

I gave it a lot of thought afterward, but I really think that’s pretty much it. I loved everything else just the way it was. Well, if I had to, maybe I’d hire someone to spice up the landscaping a bit. But I’m so lost when it comes to that I can’t even begin searching the web for what I might like.

Rare Find

Rare Find

After some digging, I managed to find a few pictures of the hotel and wanted to post them up here. In a way like a scrapbook.

Loved this quiet walkway to the hotel.
Such a lovely courtyard basked in gloriously warm afternoon sun.
Just look at those trees surrounding the hotel.


Years ago, I had the fortune to visit this hotel back internet searches wasn’t as useful as it is today. A close friend of mine recommended or rather insisted that I visit the hotel for the view and a country experience of a lifetime.

I almost turned it down citing hectic schedule while on a business trip near Dundee. But I am so thankful for Vivian for not giving up on my excuses and practically forcing me to extend my stay. At the time, I was unsure if the use of my precious vacation days in such an impulsive manner would be worth it. But looking back now, I am hard pressed to find a vacation I enjoyed more.

It’s hard to put the feeling of the place into words. The acres of wooded area elevated just enough to offer a great view of the surrounding lands was something out of a book. That along with the well furnished rooms, the old world charm, and the ambience of the place just all came together in a magical package that still leaves me longing for it after all these years.

I don’t know if the hotel is still in operation. I am guessing that it closed for some reason as I realized this website address was no longer sending me to that hotel’s website when I tried typing it. Deciding to get it was a snap decision. And after much frustration and technical difficulties and help from Andrew (thank you), I now find myself the proud owner of this website.

No, I unfortunately don’t have the hotel nor the magical lands. But I have my memories of the place. This website is my tribute of sort to that experience that have never left me and I imagine never will.