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Years ago, I had the fortune to visit this hotel back internet searches wasn’t as useful as it is today. A close friend of mine recommended or rather insisted that I visit the hotel for the view and a country experience of a lifetime.

I almost turned it down citing hectic schedule while on a business trip near Dundee. But I am so thankful for Vivian for not giving up on my excuses and practically forcing me to extend my stay. At the time, I was unsure if the use of my precious vacation days in such an impulsive manner would be worth it. But looking back now, I am hard pressed to find a vacation I enjoyed more.

It’s hard to put the feeling of the place into words. The acres of wooded area elevated just enough to offer a great view of the surrounding lands was something out of a book. That along with the well furnished rooms, the old world charm, and the ambience of the place just all came together in a magical package that still leaves me longing for it after all these years.

I don’t know if the hotel is still in operation. I am guessing that it closed for some reason as I realized this website address was no longer sending me to that hotel’s website when I tried typing it. Deciding to get it was a snap decision. And after much frustration and technical difficulties and help from Andrew (thank you), I now find myself the proud owner of this website.

No, I unfortunately don’t have the hotel nor the magical lands. But I have my memories of the place. This website is my tribute of sort to that experience that have never left me and I imagine never will.